3D scanning of Québec’s golden dog was recently carried out by Artisans du passage, with whom we collaborate for surveys of objects or high precision scans (ex : Inuit Statue). The result of this survey is a hyper detailed 3D model that allows a real time manipulation (click the image below). Take a look at this exceptional piece on sketchfab’s website.


Since 1688, the bas-relief of the golden dog has always remained in the same place. Everytime the building was renovated, special care was taken to keep it visible to the passer-by. The legend of the golden dog is related to a murder that happened in Québec city in January 1748 and a dog sculpture appended on top of the Louis-S.-Saint-Laurent’s principal entry, on the corner of De Buade and Cote de la montage streets. The plate is a bas-relief dating from 1736 that represents a golden dog gnawing a bone held between its legs.
We can read the following writting :
« Je suis un chien qui ronge l’o.
En le rongeant je prend mon repos.
Un tems viendra qui nest pas venu
Que je morderay qui m’aura mordu. »
The plate is now classified in the Repertory of Québec Cultural Heritage. It is also part of the guided tourist tours of the Old-Quebec since 1829.

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