It is with great honor that iSCAN 3D was selected as finalist in the AQMAT’S 2015 innovation contest. Because construction material are used in projects that require precise blueprints, and our products aims to improve construction practices.

The millions of 3D coordinates, colored and precise by the millimeter, integrated with a multidisciplinary BIM(Building information modeling) approach, allows to visually represent buildings, objects and urban or industrial environments.

The documents produced offer undeniable advantages for the conception, design, construction and a long term management of a building or a project. For instance, we can analyses deformations on the facades and on the foundation slab, or follow the movements of these elements throughout time. Mechanical, electrical and plumbing aspects can be paired with the architecture and the structure aspect, allowing a precisely integrated conception.

All of this decreases the risks, delays, and other extras related to the measured data.

Document the past, in the present for the future? Yes we sCAN!
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