[h1]Did you know that 3D scanning offers a lot of benefits for building and parking inspections?[/h1]

Quebec’s bill 122  for building security improvement came into effect recently. It obliges owners of 5 or more story buildings to plan inspection measures with a 5 year maintenance program.

An inspection with 3D scanning enables to :

  • – quickly and precisely document the building to quantify and analyses the deformation
  • – point out interventions and high risk areas for professional expertise
  • – save time on ground mobilization thanks to a better documentation from the start
  • – reduce constraints and risks for terrain interventions
  • – produces elevation views and plan views of the building in its current state
  • – create a detailed and realistic representation of the exterior, up to each stones
  • – quantify the surfaces and the size of tasks.
  • – the data produced are reusable for renovations, layout simulations, and measuring.
  • – a five year monitoring for comparison and identification of movements and risks
  • – an important asset for major building management with the BIM systems.

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