ISCAN3D is a proud sponsor of the CIPA

ISCAN3D is a proud sponsor of the International Committee of Architectural Photogrammetry Symposium (CIPA), an international conference in 3D heritage digitization held in Ottawa. The conference begins today and continues throughout the week. Several very interesting topics will be covered, such as museology, heritage and research linked to collective heritage conservation.  This conference focuses on technologies, such as the scanner for digitization and the documentation of significant sites, explaining very well what we do at ISCAN 3D.

Storing physical characteristics of buildings, constructions and landscapes with these technologies is the cornerstone for preventive maintenance, monitoring, and conservation of places that are of major importance. This rigorous documentation may also be used in teaching as well as keeping in memory a collective and cultural wealth in perpetuity. CIPA brings together internal specialists on the subjects dealt with.  Through this conference, we will have access to all the latest developments in the field. This is the ideal time to learn more about the ways to conserve premises and architecture, using the latest technologies. For the complete schedule and details, visit the website at:

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